Just Some of the things we do...

Cultural Compacts and City-wide working

Former Executive Director for Southampton Cultural Development Trust, James has experience of working for cultural trusts and brokering city-wide partnerships. He understands the importance of connectors, 'mavens', and relationships built on trust in the development of strong creative infrastructures for towns, cities, and regions.

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Project Development 

Stuck in the delivery of the day to day it is often hard for cultural leaders to see above the current challenges and identify the new sources of income, audiences or work. James works with organisations to identify the long term journey of an organisation and supports the development of projects that will help them reach their fullest potential. 

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Business Planning

Working both as a consultant and within organisations James has written business plans for many different scales of organisation, supporting small creative practices through to large Arts Council Funded National Portfolio Organisations and local authority business units. 

Developing Partnerships

In a time of reducing resources and increasing delivery demands on cultural organisations partnerships can increase capacity, improve efficiency and grow audience reach. However they can be both time consuming and ultimately unsatisfactory if set up incorrectly. James works to broker partnerships, develop shared goals, and quantify the benefits to ensure the partnerships you build can help you flourish.