Business planning outdoor workshop with DYT Directors

Empowering Displace Yourself Theatre.  A business development journey

James recently collaborated with Displace Yourself Theatre (DYT) on what turned out to be a bit of a journey. One that brought about transformative results. Through a very personalized approach we were able to empower DYT to uncover their potential.

"James' expertise helped us identify areas where we could improve and grow our business, and the strategies and insights he provided were invaluable," shared Jen and Mike, the founding directors of DYT.

With a thorough and creative process, James facilitated the development of a comprehensive business plan that has inspired and motivated the team. By understanding and communicating DYT's unique strengths and needs,  we have laid the foundation for increased revenue, attracted funders, and improved overall operations.

"It feels like we're now leading the company we always wanted to!

Through workshops and individual coaching sessions,  including two away days in the Yorkshire Dales, we have been able to unlock their full potential, resulting in a sense of empowerment and motivation.

"We highly recommend James' services to any company looking to take the next step in their growth, or take time to reflect,"

Our collaboration has been instrumental in propelling the company forward, enabling them to create meaningful theatre experiences and make a lasting impact on their audiences.