Salisbury 2020

In November 2019 I was asked to take on leading and overseeing the coordination and delivery of an exciting citywide partnership: Salisbury 2020 City on the Move. A partnership formed to celebrate the founding of Salisbury Cathedral 800 years ago when it moved the two and a half miles from Old Sarum to the site it is on today. 

The role focused on ensuring that across the city of Salisbury there was effective coordination of the different events being organised by individual partner organisations.  The work involved developing and managing good partnership working across key partners and their different strands of work.  The original partners included Wiltshire Council, Salisbury City Council, Wiltshire and Swindon Sport (WASP), Salisbury Business Improvement District, Wiltshire Creative and VisitWiltshire.

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Sadly the COVID 19 pandemic and the introduction of social distancing changed all of the plans. Projects that partners from across the City were working on all had to be shelved or cancelled.

However, we worked collectively with the City on the move partners to find a way to carry on working together and to continue to celebrate this significant anniversary for the Cathedral and the City.  

So on the last weekend in May, the partners came together to create a special online event: The Salisbury 2020 Big Weekend.

" made such a difference to driving the City partners forward and although it isn’t the year we hoped for, all that you have done has had a big impact.  The Digital Weekend was great and given the short time of drawing that together, a real success for all concerned so thank you for all that you did to make that happen."

Jackie Molnar, Executive Director & Chapter Clerk, Salsibury Cathedral